Anti-Drone / Quadcopter / Small UAV Jamming Systems

This system is used to neutralize Civilian Drone/Quadcopter/UAV communication in order to prevent infiltrating sensitive location, secured compounds, military bases and etc. or in order to protect people against harmful attack carried out by those systems. Most of the civilian drones operate in the ISM band, our systems jam the communication signal which interrupts the drone/quadcopter communication in any operation. The Other configuration has a transmitter and a spectrum receiver, where user can view the spectrum band for any undesired signals and accordingly select the transmitted frequency to jam the known interference/suspected drone.

Key Features:


  • Blocks common Civilian Drone/Quadcopter/UAV bands simultaneously
  • Effective coverage of detection up to 500 m, 120°
  • No interference to nearby frequency bands
  • VSWR- disconnect/short antenna protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Operational Power: 90 – 260V AC
  • Internal Batteries – 12/24V DC



Confined parameter, Prisons, Military bases, Nuclear Facilities, Sensitive locations, Borders, VIP Protection, Airports, Stadiums and etc.