Counter RCIED/ISM Jammer Manpack

To counter the latest threats from RCIEDs, Radopsys has developed a family of RCIED neutralizers and jammers. A flexible-role lightweight jamming system is designed for easy deployment for the security force that has to walk in critical areas. The system can be rapidly deployed in a back pack or a carry forward frame.

The Man pack system is fully integrated and includes a battery docking interface compatible with Lithium Ion battery to provide fully autonomous operation in excess of 2 hours. The integral fan provides active and effective cooling for sustained operations in high temperature operational conditions.

The Manpack design utilizes sophisticated Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology to provide a flexible programmable power efficient solution. The digital architecture allows for rapid mission programming in demanding flexible threat environments in below configurable modular units:

  • Band 1 – 30 MHz to 520 MHz
  • Band 2 – 1.8 MHz to 30 MHz
  • Band 3 – ISM frequency bands (315 MHz/433 MHz/915 MHz/2.45 GHz)

The family of RCIED neutralizers and jammers can be programmed for use in the following roles:

• Force Protection (Man Pack, Vehicle Convoy)

• EOD render-safe procedures

• Remote carryforward role utilizing a Remote-Controlled Vehicle (RCV)

• Event, base or venue protection • VVIP Protection

Key Features:
•      8 wide spectral  bands
•      Up To 20 Watts  Power Output.
•      Available for HF/VHF/UHF/Land S  Bands
•      Wide frequency  coverage
•      Various modulation types jamming capability.
•      Easy,  intuitive operation
•      Antennas: 4 N type  connectors with  Omni-directional whip  antennas
•      Portable,  Man-Pack,  Metal  Casing with  custom  backpack setup
•      Power consumption:   24VDC Nominal

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