Our Specialized Products in RF Domain

Anti-Drone / Quadcopter / Small UAV Jamming Systems

Fiber Optics Based Border Security Systems

Counter RCIED/ISM Jammer Manpack

Stationary Cellular Jammers

Vehicular Mount Cellular Jammer

RF Power Supplies For Industrial And Scientific Applications

RF Synthesizers And Signal Sources

RF Amplifiers

RF Switches

RF Filters, Directional Couplers And RF Power Detectors

RF Power Dividers / Combiners

Digital Atenuators And Phase Shifters

Compact Surveillance Radars

Lidar - Aerosol Measurement Applications

Vehicular Mounted ISM Band High Power Jammer And RCIED Neutralizer For Electronic Warfare

Power Supply Units For Solid State Lasers (375 to 1550nm)

Our product range includes Industrial, Scientific and Security domains such as Jammers, ISM communication modules, RCIED/drone Neutralizers, Radar Subsystems Upto 6 GHz and optical subsystems. Our capabilities include design and manufacture of all kind of RF and Microwaves systems up to 6 GHz (For e.g. RCIED Neutralizers, ISM and cellular jammers, radar subsystems and wireless communication modules). 

We also develop custom products for our clients as per their specifications and requirement.