RF Power Supplies For Industrial And Scientific Applications

We offer RF power supply series with exceptionally consistent RF power delivery performance, as well as a diverse selection of frequency bands and power ranges,(2,4,13.56, 27.12, 40.68, 315, 433 and 915 MHz; 0.15 to 2 kW) each with a unique set of features and capabilities with a variety of user interfaces and input options. A comprehensive, yet highly intuitive operating menu, accessible on the unit's active front panel and displayed on a large LCD, provides unparalleled ease for the operator.


• Solid state design
• Digitally controlled operation
• Amplifier’s designed for high efficiency
• Robust VSWR
• 240 VAC input supply
• USB/RS-485 or Ethernet communication
• Active front panel
• Convenient, comprehensive operating menu
• PC based control and monitoring


Frequency                                     HF/VHF/UHF  bands

Max output power                       0.15/300/600/1000/1500/2000 KW into a 50 Q  load

VSWR                                            1.2:1

Load impedance                          50 0

RF connector                                50 Q,  N-type, female

RF power  regulation mode        P forward,  P delivered, or DC self-bias voltage

Harmonics                                    -35 dBc at full-rated power

CW and Pulse mode                    Yes

Pulse repetition frequency         1 to 10 kHz (options available for higher  PRF) Pulse duty cycle  10% to 90%

Input Ref signal power                 0 to +10 dBm

Input connector (50 0)                BNC, female

Interlocks and Limits                    Fwd./Rev Power, Over temperature,  DC Overload

AC line voltage (1-phase)             230 VAC {187 VAC to 253 VAC), 50 Hz


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